Graceless is a site for women tired of the Supposed To. Instead of talking about what women get wrong, we focus on the fabulous mess surrounding 21st century women—and how we can help each other get out of it. If you want to hear more, check out the post we wrote on launch day.

We write non-ranty, well thought-out features on topics far and wide, with a few quick hits thrown in when we feel lazy. Self deprecating but victorious, snarky but positive, unmitigated but flappable. We’re probably shooting for the impossible. And because we’re Graceless and messy, we will likely fail repeatedly at it until we get it right. We hope you’ll enjoy the show.


Carla Cook, Editor-in-Chief

The first time I heard about blogs was, serious as a shotgun, from a woman who excitedly told me about her Geocities cat blog for the better part of an hour. Since we were on a plane at the time, she gave me her card and made me promise to visit the site. It looked like a truck full of kittens had been air-dropped into a Lisa Frank sticker factory. But the click in my head was audible. There were ways to write without being hired by an actual media outlet! And you could write whatever the hell you wanted!

Fast forward 18 years and I’ve written ten kabillion press releases and key messages and media pitches and business plans and emails. But I’ve never written for myself. At least not publicly. I’ve finally made my ‘weblog.’ You’ll have to imagine the kittens.

If you want to read my business-y bio, you can find me on LinkedIn. I’ve tackled pretty much every aspect of the tech business, so if you want to tap my brain, find out more on my consulting site. I’ll market the hell out of your small to mid-sized company. Oh and here I am on Twitter. Don’t you love that avatar?



Allyson Holley, Managing Editor

I miss the days of AOL Instant Messenger. When you had to sit at a fifty-pound desktop computer and hog the landline in order to send “smileys” to your friends. I miss the satisfying skeumorphic thunk of a closing door when I signed off (remember signing off of things?) and hoping my expertly-crafted away message made someone laugh or think ~*~*~dEeP tHoUgHtS~*~*~

A lot has changed in my brief lifetime. I am, after all, a Millennial – the last generation to remember analog and the first to truly live online. That, by the way, is why listicles which remind us of having to re-spool cassettes with pencils are so popular. The way we think of ourselves as women—and how people think of us as women, and what we’re supposed to think, and how we don’t want to be supposed to do anything—has all changed, too. I’ve been along for that bumpy ride, glued to my phone the whole time, even though I really wish AIM would make a comeback (there are three Coldplay albums that have gone unused in away messages…that just seems criminal).

I’m currently a student studying audio and music production. I’ve worked in public radio, marketing, and media, and other Millennial-appropriate fields. You can find me on every social media platform in existence, of course, but I’ll just point you toward my Instagram and Twitter.